About Us


The DNA World Livestock Registry is a free online herd management system powered by BioPet Labs using DNA testing at its core. DNA samples submitted to BioPet Labs will be available for you to run our online parentage tools by simply typing in the animal's I.D. number. Reports are generated for you to view all results and view progeny by sire.

The DNA World Livestock Registry puts these functions at your fingertips:
  • Maintain herd inventory
  • Keep online cattle records
  • Use your cattle records to create a DNA submission form
  • Link a DNA profile to a cattle record for unalterable identification
  • Store genetic data for current and future testing
  • View lab results and confirm parentage
  • Follow progeny performance
  • Protect the integrity of pedigree records
  • No software download required. Access your online data from anywhere in the world.

To enjoy the full capabilities of the DNA WLR, begin with a simple DNA field collection of a few drops of blood onto a stabilizing blood card. Once sampled, DNA is stabilized at room temperature for many years and ready for current or future testing.

One-Time processing fee includes access to:
  • Sire Verifier
  • Maternal Verifier
  • Mating Pair Parentage
  • Proof of Ownership
  • IntegriMeat DNA Audit

BioPet Labs is a biotechnology company, founded in 2008, specializing in animal genetics. BioPet’s commercial DNA test encompass environmental concerns, animals and human health issues, food safety, quality of life issues and fraudulent claim protection.

BioPet Labs has now optimized a standard cattle panel of 11 microsatellite markers also known as STRs. Additional cattle markers are also available for parentage cases and DNA source verification that may require further testing.

Our advanced genetic technologies will help manage your livestock, resulting in improved herd genetics and a more profitable operation