Cattle DNA Services


Use DNA typing to verify every calf’s sire in a multi-sire herd. Select future sires by tracking superior progeny performance and improve pasture management. Protect the integrity of pedigree records by confirming the sire through DNA typing.

  • Efficient pasture management
  • Improve pregnancy rates
  • Economically manage multi-sire herds
  • Select future sires by tracking progeny performance
  • Increase production while raising calf quality

Identify the dam of an offspring with DNA typing . Match cows to calves if abandoned or separated. Confirm the calf of a donor cow. This test can also be used as a maternal reference sample to test a post-slaughter beef product if a direct reference sample is not available (or on file).

Gain access to all of our services for a one time processing fee of $19.95 per animal.

An offspring’s DNA profile is compared to potential parent animals to verify parentage. Identifying dams and sires that produce ideal calves will increase production and profits. Identifying both parents is the only way to certify either parent, since an offspring inherits one half of its genetic material from each parent.


Submit small slices of muscle or blood from post-slaughter beef products for comparison or source verification. BioPet is able to match the DNA of an end beef product back to the original blood DNA sample of a cow collected at your farm. Unlike current forms of external identification for livestock, DNA genotyping is an unalterable form of identification. With this technology, producers are building a relationship of trust and integrity with consumers.


Unlike ear tags, brands, or tattoos, DNA is an unalterable form of identification. Archive a cow’s genetic profile in the DNA World Livestock Registry database and retain proof of ownership and identification throughtout the cow’s life and beyond. The profile can also be used by you as a reference sample to confirm you received the proper post-slaughter meat.